_Big SaleWelding-Wire Flux MIG K for Groove KnurlÛ

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Welding-Wire Flux MIG K for Groove Knurl
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_Big SaleWelding-Wire Flux MIG K for Groove KnurlÛ Specification

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_Big SaleWelding-Wire Flux MIG K for Groove KnurlÛ Specification & Description Summary

Welding Wire Feeding Roll Knurl K Groove 0.6mm 0.8mm 0.9mm 1.0mm Flux Cored Wire for MIG Welder Wire Feeder

High quality replacement feeding rolls for Welding Wire Feeder System of MIG/MAG welding machine, our welding machine MIG200.

It can also be used for wire feeders which use the same feeder roll style.

It is made by Ball Bearing Steel, High and precision and strength, brings long life and smooth feeding.

It provides very stable feeding through the pushing system, high efficiency even in lower feeding speed.

The Feeder Roll Dimension (ODxIDxH) is: 30x10x15.4mm (1.18x0.39x0.61”).

Knurl K-Groove for Flux Cord Wire, for example: E71T-1, E71T-GS.

Type: K 0.6mm/0.8(0.9 1.0) mm, (K 0.024”/0.031(0.035 0.039)”.




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